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Sunday, April 17, 2011

PICS: High Mass in the Rite of Braga (Part III)

Missa Cantata for Palm Sunday in the Rite of Braga - Part III: Mass of the Faithful

Part I
Part II

This part of the Missale Bracarense is almost identical to the Missale Romanum (1962 ed. and pretty much every edition before that). I'll note the few differences as we go.

After the offertory verse, the priest says the following prayer silently: In tuo conspectu, quaesumus, Domine, haec munera tibi sit placita; ut nos tibi semper placere valeamus. Per Christum. "We beseech Thee, O Lord, that these offerings be pleasant in Thy sight; so that we may be able always to be pleasing to Thee. Through Christ." This serves as a partner to the Placeat tibi at the final blessing. The Host is offered with a different prayer from Rome. The blessing of the water is of course not done, having been done earlier, that prayer mentioning the waters at creation and the Blood and Water from the side of Christ. The Offerimus tibi, In spiritu humiliatis, Veni sanctificator, and incensation follow as at Rome. When handing the thurible back, the priest says the Roman prayer then adds, Centuplum accipias, et vitam aeternam possideas in regno Dei. Amen. "May you receive blessings a hundredfold and possess eternal life in the kingdom of God. Amen." Lavabo, Suscipe sancta Trinitas, Orate fratres, and Secret, as at Rome.

The Offertory.

The Incensation.

The Incensation.

The Incensation.

The preface and Canon are identical to Rome, except the priest covers the chalice after the Words of Consecration and elevates the covered chalice.

The Preface.

The Canon.

Elevation of the Sacred Host.

Elevation of the veiled chalice.

Pater Noster.

The priest has four prayers of preparation for Communion, wheras in the Roman Rite he only has three. The extra prayer is inserted between the first and second. The first is ommited at Solemn Masses with a Pax. The last prayer is a little longer.

Ecce Agnus Dei.



The Final Blessing is done using these words:  In unitate Sancti + Spiritus benedicat vos Pater et Filius. "In the unity of the Holy Ghost, may the Father and Son bless you." After the Last Gospel is added a Marian antiphon, which counts as part of the Mass. The antiphon is usually the Sub tuum, but Advent, Christmas, and Easter each have a proper one.  

The Final Blessing.

Last Gospel. Omitted today in Roman Masses with a
procession. Braga reads John's prologue, whereas
Rome uses the Entry into Jerusalem. 

Nice shot of one of the dalmatics.

Marian antiphon.

Missalette with the coat of arms of the city
of Braga and my palm, on my palm. It was
blessed with five prayers and a preface.
What about yours?

Altar after Mass.

Close-up of the Altar Missal

The Altar Missal.

Padre Santos was nice enough to let me snap
a few shots of his vestments. 

Flower patterns are the easiest way to get me
to like a set of vestments. I get picky, but this
one is great. Also, icons always make
vestments better.